Website Review: buys your used books, is easy to use and even allows you to ship them for free.


Times are tough; everyone is looking for easy ways to make money lately. If you are living with a chronic illness this is even harder to do, since taking on extra hours at work, or doing anything physical is close to impossible or a real threat to your health. Many people look to have garage sales, but they can be a long exhausting day. I know many people who have tried Ebay but between seller fees, shipping etc. it did not seem to make enough money to be worth it. I have found a very easy way to make some extra cash. By all means this will not make you a millionaire, but it can help a bit during these financially hard times. I like to read and I love books. I have a nice collection of special books that I want to keep. But I also have many books that I might not have liked, or were given as gifts and didn’t suit my taste etc. Do you have books in good condition that you no longer read, or do not want to hold onto? buys used books and even allows you to ship them for free. Go to, type in the books’ ISBN numbers (which you’ll find on the back cover, above the barcode or on the copyright page in the front of the books), and see if you can get cash for them. It is super easy!

Look for the “Price My Book!” window on the upper left side of the front page to see whether is currently buying your books and how much they will offer you for it. You can enter more than one book, and if you don’t like the price they offer, you can always remove those books from your selling basket.
Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!
Once you enter in all the ISBN# ‘s for your books, you will complete the transaction online, by “checking out your cart”, then you print out a prepaid mailing label, pack up those books and send them in. They even give you very easy to understand tips for how to best pack up your books. The directions are so simple anyone can do it. What is great about this site is that you don’t have to pay for the quote that they will pay you for the books, and you don’t pay for shipping. They lead you through the process easily and will even show you how to print out a FREE media mail USPS shipping label. On the website, they tell you how to call, or email to arrange a free pick up, which makes this a perfect service for those who are sick, disabled or homebound. They can pay you via check in the mail, but they will even give you a bonus if you allow them to pay you via paypal! I use this method myself to make it easier and to get my cash quicker.
By just cleaning out my basement and some closets, I have made over $150 so far just by packing up some books. It was so easy that I spent a total of a ½ hour to complete the entire process. I also have encouraged my friends and family to try it. They do not offer a lot per book, but a little bit adds up with each book you send. I was offered anywhere from $1.00 – $9.00 each. I do know some people were offered more, I guess it depends on the type of book, etc. Cash4Books does not buy everything, they have a list of books they don’t want. They also have condition requirements that your book must meet in order to be purchased – no tears, minimal wear, no missing pages, water damage, and other things like that. Each shipment is inspected before Cash4Books makes the payment, which I think is only fair. Also note, that if for some reason they do not accept your book, they do not return it. I have made a few shipments to them and only had this happen once. It really was my own fault for not reading the requirements carefully, and I didn’t really mind, since sitting in my basement the book wasn’t making me any money anyway.
You really have nothing to lose and a few bucks to gain! Try


Review written by Christine Miserandino, ©
** Please note: I have created an affiliate link with their company links on this page. If you go to their site from here and sell them a book, will get $4. It is a win/ win, you will try out a new service and we will get a referral “point”. I would recommend this website regardless, as I am personally using it and am very happy with the service.
Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

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  • Bonnie W

    Christine, Thanks for the info! The ‘old’ me, before Primary Progressive MS stole me! I read a minimum of 3 books a week. I have boxes of books! Just the idea of posting them in made me tired & then the packing/shipping ugh. I’ll definitely check this site out.

  • enjoy thx

  • Thanks for the report. It will really help me to get some extra money online that is so necessary in these times where not enough money to buy prescription drugs to counteract the pain.

  • Sara

    This comes at the perfect time for me! I have two full bookcases that I need to consolidate into two shelves. I was going to sell them to Half Price Books, but they only pay $0.10 – $1.00 per book.

  • I am a former bookseller so was particularly intrigued by this post. I was disappointed, however, when I discovered they mostly want text books or real crime books. Not fiction, which is what I have. Oh well.

  • Cash4Books is one of the best book buying websites, and they consistently provide good customer services. There are, however a bunch of other sites that also buy used books, sometimes for more than cash 4 books. Try using to the prices from cash4books with a couple dozen other sites as well.