Lupus in the sky with diamonds


Julian Lennon has released a new single called Lucy which is a tribute to his childhood friend who was the inspiration for “Lucy in the Sky with Diamond” by the Beatles. As the legend goes, John Lennon was inspired to write the classic song after seeing a drawing that Julian did with that famous title featuring his classmate. The song was not actually about tripping on drugs as many have believed through the years.

In honor of Lucy Vodden who passed away at 46 from Lupus in September 2009, the proceeds from this song will go to two lupus charities, the St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust in Great Britain and the Lupus Foundation of America.

Here’s Julian singing Lucy live on the CBS morning show
Side note: A nice thing happened on the way to this wonderful tribute and charity single for Julian Lennon. During the process he found closure with emotional wounds that lingered with his dad.
Here’s more about what happened.

Julian talks about Lucy and the new song

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On a Personal Note: The reason why this whole story is important to me is because my wife Lori has had LUPUS ever since 1997 so it hits home on a personal level. When we first received the diagnosis of this obscure disease we had to do a lot of research to learn more about it. We were shocked to see just how common and widespread it really is. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, 1.5 Million Americans and 5 million people worldwide have LUPUS. It’s a staggering statistic considering how many never even heard the word LUPUS, never mind know what it is. Also shocking is how little money is raised in finding a cure or new treatments for LUPUS compared to all other diseases. That’s why I am so happy that Julian has decided to bring exposure not only to his sweet childhood friend Lucy but also to LUPUS.

I think Lupus has been a major wake-up call for us. Instead of letting it become a negative aspect to our lives, we’ve actually turned it into the most positive thing that’s ever happened to us by making it a daily reminder to live life moment by moment. As hackneyed and as corny as it sounds, we live life as if it were our last day because someday it will be. It’s a great way to live your life whether you have Lupus or not because it’s true for all of us in this wonderful thing called life.


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  • Maureen Corrigan is a link to the song.
    What is suppose to be a video of the song is actually a clip of the CBS Morning Show talking about their favorite Christmas Shows.

  • Claire

    I was very interested in hearing the song but the first link above seems to be about Christmas movies and not Julian Lennon at all. Would it be possible please to fix the link so we can hear the song? Cheers.

  • Kirri

    People outside the US cannot view these videos.