Android Epic is truly EPIC!


Nearly everyone carries a cell phone and while for some it’s just something they use everyday, for me it has been my sanity saver. My husband surprised me with an Android Epic two weeks after my shoulder surgery and I will never go back to another kind of phone. Since we use Sprint the Epic came to about $150, but the price varies depending on if you are a new or renewing customer. It has truly been worth every penny for me. This is because on my rough days, when I just can’t deal with a laptop, my cell takes over. With it I’m able to still chat or tweet and stay connected with people who understand. The Android operating system has all kinds of free apps that make my life easier and a little more fun. The saying: “There’s an app for that!” is so very true for this phone. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of being able to check their pulse just by putting their finger over the camera sensor, or watch videos on the large screen as a way to pass the time? The touch screen uses minimal movement, helping me save some valuable spoons that I know I will need later. The slide out keyboard is also great, allowing me to do more detailed messages. It really is the complete package for someone wanting a fun toy while also something functional for their complicated lifestyle. With just a touch of the screen, I give this product 5 pain-free spoons. It can be found at: or under the model name Samsung Galaxy S at other cell phone carrier shops. **Editor’s Note** I have to wholeheartedly agree with this product review. I have had the Samsung Epic for over 7 months now and LOVE it! ~SK Article Written by Staff Writer, Christina Stevens Christina is married with 3 young children while managing moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. While technically a stay at home mom, shevolunteers as instructor chair for a weekend event with Women in the Outdoors, an amateur radio operator and writer. You can find her on twitter at @ss_sunset or on Facebook at CSSunset.

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    Getting anyone up to speed in 2013… Android is a god send, on a down day that’s a “good day” and you are willing to delve into tech stuff. Android is open market, which means you can mess with the programming and not get sued; you can create, adjust… personalize your phone to your needs and to cater to your conditions. Change the launcher, try Atom Launcher, which allows you to put your apps in sorted folders for convenience. I have it set to pull up my people list if tapped twice on the home screen. Adjust the size of your icons, etc. You can even make your own icons and hide apps that you don’t want to pull up in moments of confusion. There are also apps that in case of an emergency the paramedics can just open it up and all your med info is right their for them to see. Meds, ICE contacts, Dr.s, history… I use AAA Vital Info…

    I know it’s an old article and comments are from 2 years ago… but an update can’t hurt. lol.

  • sally

    I have a lot of trouble with osteoarthritis in my thumbs. Doesn’t the Android require a lot of thumb-work? I’ve seen my husband working on his Blackberry, and it makes me ache just watching him!

  • anng

    I just want to point out a big downside of this phone for those who like the latest technology: it’s still running on Android 2.1. There seems to be a battle of wills between manufacturer Samsung and the carriers over whether Android 2.2 is an update (free) or an upgrade (paid). I like the phone a lot more than my husband’s Droid (in fact, we bought Droids together and I took mine back because I found the keyboard seriously lacking), but now I’m watching him with features I don’t have – Flash, in-line Gmail support, etc. If you just want a functional phone with a good keyboard, it’s fantastic and I love it. But if you want the latest everything, it might not get updated anytime soon.

  • vickijane73

    I have a HTC Desire Android. I’m often found lying flat in bed due to my fibromyalgia, so my phone keeps me in touch with the world, Twitter friends, news etc.
    I really would be totally isolated without my phone.
    This phone has literally given me back a life! -x-

  • I’m so happy to see this review, that is the phone I have been eyeing for a while now!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Michele

    I LOVE my Android phone, I have been using a Motorola Droid for a year and a half. I don’t think I could live without it. I can even do much of my banking from my phone with the Chase bank app! When travelling to see the grandkids, I don’t even need to bring my laptop as I can stay in touch with my Facebook people, check and reply to my emails, update my calendar, write my shopping list, get directions from Google maps, research anything, play games that challenge my mental health, etc.

    It has really been a lifesaver for me!

  • Lindsay K.

    For those on verizon, the LG Ally runs on Android and has the same kind of slide-out keyboard. I love mine 😀

  • I feel the same about my IPhone. I use it while I am in bed. I have a PC, but I am too tired to sit at my desk and respond to e-mail or surf the web.

  • Patricia E Murray

    Thanks, the info is good to have.