Lupus Walk 2007 Update Team Miserandino (with pics)


14th Annual Walk-Along for Lupus was on Sunday October 21, 2007. It was a sunny and breezy beautiful day. As of November 2, 2007, The Lupus Alliance has received over $246,000.00!!!! Every day there is more money coming in! (You can still donate to our team)
I was happy to hear that our team – The Donato-Miserandino Team was once again one of the highest raising family teams. I was so proud to have so many people walk with me there that day, and support us through out the past month or so in my fundraising efforts. I believe that my team has raised well over $8,500 and I have more checks and donations that have come in late.
It feels great to once again (This being our 12th year walking) to raise funds for this great cause. I want to give back to the organization that has helped me and countless others. But it also was an amazing feeling to be walking with family, friends, Alumni sorority sisters, and friends.

It felt amazing to receive so many generous donations from people close- that I talk to every day, and people I very rarely talk to but that they wanted to help. There were some who could only afford to send a donation of $5 and there were those who reached deep and found a way to donate $500. I received emails from the readers of cheering me on right up until the day of the walk. Everything added together for a wonderful day filled with love and support that I will not forget. This has become such a special tradition.
Thankfully this year I was able to walk with everyone mentioned above, and also push my beautiful baby in her stroller along with my husbands help. I held her little baby hand, he held my hand when I got tired and we did it together. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible.
Here are some pictures from the walk:

Me and My baby wearing a shirt that says “I Hate Lupus, but I love my mommy!”

Donato- Miserandino Family Team before the walk.
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Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2007