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Looking for a unique get well gift? Have you made a rule to not let Lupus get you down? How about a Tee shirt that reads ‘I am Stronger than Lupus!’? Looking for the right thing to say to those who tell you that you are always tired? We think a T-shirt that says ‘I am Too Tired To Argue With You’ or ‘I am Not Lazy, I have Fibromyalgia. What is your excuse?’ will get them to politely keep their comments to themselves! For these items and more look no further then the online store. Offering New apparel and merchandise designs with a twist, the online store will bring a smile to any patient suffering from Lupus, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, or Arthritis, to name a few.

A Lupus patient, Christine Miserandino of ‘The Spoon Theory’ fame first created the Tee’s for herself and friends. “I started receiving requests for many illnesses on the “sucks” shirts… and even other quotes like “sick and tired of being sick and tired” etc. I add new designs and quotes every week.” The shirts come in an array of styles from tank tops to baby-doll tees, you’ll find a Tee fit for every age range. Miserandino, like most patients with moderate to severe Lupus, uses steroid drugs which help combat inflammation, but can cause fluid retention and mood-swings. ” I have worn some of the newer designs out recently, like the prednisone make over shirt, and it is fun to make people laugh with you and have a sense of humor about a hard subject” stated Miserandino.

“Our “sucks” line of shirts has become so popular, that I have been receiving requests from readers for new slogans with different diseases and disabilities featured on them. It is exciting to add to the line and to reach more people” said Christine. With prices starting at $2.50, you’ll find a quality gift with expression.

The online store offers not only chronic illness slogan tees, but also tote-bags, mouse pads and other merchandise. They ship to the US and overseas as well.
Here is a full listing of our current designs. (New designs to be added weekly!)
» Hug Me! (I am not contagious)
» “Spoon Gear”
» Wishing you an Abundance of Spoons
» Warning: Bad Flare Day!
» Red Tape Fragile Design
» NO! This is not all in my head!
» Cancer Sucks!
» My Bald Head is Cute!
» I am not Lazy. I am on chemo.
» This Takes Effort
» How Good I Look!
» Wanna Nap?
» Too Tired to argue with you!
» Prednisone Make Over
» How do you feel? Don’t ask.
» Your Imaginary medical expertise
» The “To Do” List
» But You Don’t Look Sick?
» FRAGILE Handle with Care – Heart
» Do I Look Sick? Invisible Diseases Suck!
» Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?
» Addison’s Disease Sucks!
» Endometriosis Sucks!
» Lupus Sucks!
» I Have Lupus… What’s Your Excuse?
» Fibromyalgia Sucks!
» Fibromyalgia is a Pain in the…
» Arthritis Sucks!
» MS multiple sclerosis Sucks!
» RSD Sucks!
» Ehlers Danlos Syndrome EDS
» Cystic Fibrosis Sucks!
» Myasthenia Gravis Sucks!
» Sarcoidosis sucks!
» Costochondritis Sucks!
» Celiac Disease Sucks!
» Lupus Walk Shirts
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  • dawn

    CES Sucks !!!!

  • Good idea of giving away tees with writings on them. Many of them are really good ones. We could also add some for the regular headaches and cold we get. Something like flu sucks coz I have to breather through my mouth!.

  • Bootsy1954

    would you do “Sjogren’s Sucks” Have a nice day! this chronic autoimmune invisible disease doesn’t get nearly enough press, or how about “i’m not lazy,i have invisible illnessES, lucky for me ur not my Dr.

  • how about Lupus is a disease, stupidity isn’t….

  • rifkins

    Asthma – not a lot of hot air………..

  • Jdmilk

    How about adding something for CVID’s?  The Fatigue is terrible with this disease and simple task are sometimes to hard.  “I’m not Immune, to you”

  • Susie H

    How about “Scleroderma sucks!”.  Because it does.