Sick Humor: Answers to But you don’t look sick?!


Don’t you wish that you had something witty to say when someone says the inevitable.. But you don’t look sick?!
Well now you do, Thanks to our message board members we have a WHOLE list !! Even if you feel you can’t really use these answers when people ask, you can most certanly think of them and giggle.

And you look Intelligent!
And you don’t look stupid!
Maybe it’s Maybelline.
But I tried so hard!
Oh? You don’t look like the bearer of prejudices. We all make mistakes * Cheery Smile *
Really? That’s odd!
Really? (Look down at yourself) I’m cured!!!
Where did you get my medical degree from?
For when people are are being rude- I don’t look ( Insert age here) either, but it doesn’t change the fact I am!
Why thankyou honey, that’s so sweet of you to say that!
I wasn’t aware illnesses came mounted on a billboard!
Huh? What does sick look like?
There’s a well person striving to escape this body !
How sweet of you to say that. I’ve been so tired, I haven’t bathed in three days. And I was sort of worried about going out in public looking like this. So thanks for the compliment. It’s really made my day.
And I guess your X-ray vision isn’t working too well today either! You should see how corroded some of my parts are on the inside. Some of my organs are in their 90’s, some in their 70’s. It’s hard to keep track! ! !
Yeah, isn’t it great. I guess I’m the healthiest looking sick person you’ve ever seen, huh? Isn’t it weird how looks can deceive.
Yep well it’s nothing to get excited about !
Well I’m NOT sick, my body is!
What do you think “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” means?
Just because I look ok, doesn’t mean I’m fine.
I work hard to look this good.
Are you flirting with me?
I have good and bad days, but I’ll never be the way I was before I got sick.
Darn! I told Q this was the wrong host body!! I should go back to the mother ship.
This is my Alter-Ego!
Should I get a refund?
It’s really good to know that the 4 hours it took me to get out of bed, and get ready this morning wasn’t wasted!
Really? That’s not what my psychiatrist told me.
Oh gosh I didn’t realise it was you who was blind. I mean people told me but I mus have gotten muddled, its the drugs you know, but wow you’re coping so well.……. *continue babbling til they back away*
You should see the straight jacket they make me wear!
Thanks! Funny, knowing that i dont look sick, gives me a new appreciation and patience for the people i might meet who look healthy and may not be.
Oh yeah? Check this out (show them something freaky)
Really? Ok lets trade bodies for the day!
What exactly does (insert illness) look like?
Ignorance is bliss I guess!
Would a bit of vomit help? Because I’m feeling quiet nauseous.
I guess hard work pay off!
Well of course not, I look like (insert name here) Duh!
What is this “sick” you speak of?
Thanks! I only needed one painkiller today instead of 5!
oh good….. because “not sick” is just the look I was going for!

  • Libby Alexander

    haha, thanks for these, always annoys me when pain’s kept me awake so I’ve not slept for three days, not been able to shower for four and then on way to meet with HR, Occupational Health or Hospital and someone will tell me how “great” i look, or, my favourite recent occurence, going through an airport, unable to walk, security calling for a wheelchair and referring to me as a “woman, well, no, she’s just a girl really” – when I’m thirty-three! Normally I just say “make up, it’s a wonderful thing” or “mosturiser, you should try it sometime” but may have to steal some of these others in future.
    Also… does anyone know… why IS it that total strangers [shop assistants / bus passengers etc] think it’s ok to ask about your medical history and then try and diagnose you from something recently seen on House / ER / Grey’s Anatomy etc?

  • Diana

    its all done with magic mirrors makeup and pills.
    ah but its a good job you can’t see the painting I keep in my attic
    I’m also an illusionist in my spare time.

  • Wendy

    “Yeah I know. It’s all fake. I just like to see doctors and have unpleasant medical procedures.”

  • Suzie

    “Looks can be deceiving because… you LOOK like an intelligent person!”

  • Lilly

    My answer: “Well, that’s just because you haven’t seen me when I WASN’T sick yet. I was knockout back then.”

  • irene

    answers to “you don’t look sick”
    –Oh,good.If I looked anything like I feel,I’d have to jump off a bridge.
    –oh,well I must be just fine then!
    –I have really good cosmetics

  • d spanner

    yah well l guess your getting used to the new me…cause l know my prognosis has’nt changed in (weeks, months,years)

  • shazinoz

    BIG DEAL. I feel like cr@p…
    What EXACTLY does Sick look like, and I will try better next time…

  • Veronique

    Maybe because you caught me during one of the 10 days in the year when I feel well enough to actually put nice clothes on, leave my flat AND see people ??

  • Peg

    Oh, good!! Just hang around for a minute, I feel a “sick” moment comin’ on. Wait, no, wait. Please, just wait just a minute, it’s comin’, I just know it. I can feel the gagging ready to start just anytime, wait and I’ll show you. (They take off running-scared!!)