Sick Humor: “The Lupus of News”


It started with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show saying, or should I say singing that Fox news was “the lupus of news” Saying it was like an autoimmune disorder that attacks itself, etc. I personally thought it was funny. We all have to have a sense of humor, right? Plus he did use it in the right context, gave a good explanation of the disease, but lastly and most importantly it made the word Lupus a topic to be discussed.  Before I knew it I was hearing the word lupus on other tv shows (talking about Jon Stewart’s skit), twitter and facebook were a buzz!  Some people stated that they didn’t think it was funny to use Lupus in comedy, but I felt that it wasn’t knockin’ Lupus, it was putting down Fox News.  I personally do not have an opinion on news shows, nor will I even dare try my hand at politics, but I did like all the buzz that surrounded Lupus. I liked that my friends forwarded the link to the youtube video.  Most of all, it got people talking. WARNING: The skit uses the F word and some other adult language. The skit is about 8 minutes but here is the highlight mentioning Lupus below (if you want to skip ahead to the end, I suggest starting the video at the 5 minute mark):

This week, just when the media surrounding the skit had died down I saw that the Doonesbury Comic strip today May 3rd is about “the Lupus of News”.

Between constant mentions of Lupus on Dr. House every week, and now these two recent comedy/ comic mentions I guess Lupus is a buzz word for a bit. I don’t know about you, but I am going to laugh right along with them, and smile because if people are laughing, then that means they are talking. For people who never heard of the word Lupus before, maybe these recent mentions made them google the word and learn out of curiosity. Maybe the key to more Lupus awareness will start with a laugh, and end with a conversation.

written by Christine Miserandino

  • DiAnna

    Does anyone else find it ironic that FOX News is “The Lupus of News” and House, M.D. is on FOX network? No? It *IS* only me? Ok. 😀

  • Kathy

    No thanks! Too mean spirited for me!

  • Linda

    Laughter is the best medicine and I am all about things that will make me feel better. Wouldn’t it be great if Fox did a segment on Lupus.

  • Katharine Hermans

    It was lupus once on House but it was such a weird presentation it was barely recognisable as such. Still, House has also done a lot for lupus recognition and the more it’s talked about then maybe the more people will think of helping with funding for research and so on. And yes, definitely good to laugh at it – that is one thing lupus is not going to stop me doing!

  • Kim Watkins

    I agree that Lupus awareness may just start with a laugh. I think if those of us who suffer and live with various ailments can laugh then so can other people. I know that I get upset when my ailments keep me from doing things I NEED to do and things I WANT to do, but even those ailments have their humorous sides. I think EVERYTHING in life does. If we took everything seriously we would find no hope in our darkest of hours. We simply wouldn’t laugh, because almost every part of life has a down side. We have learned to find hope in things by finding that bright side and YES, laughing!

  • KL

    I too will laugh…for if we don’t have humor, we will surely die!!

  • Trudie Carlesso

    Too funny! Wouldn’t it be great if on House that just once it was Lupus? That would certainly educate my husband!