The Ultimate Spoonie Valentine’s Day Gift!


What’s better than chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate spoons! These fun and easy to make gifts are perfect presents for friends, lovers, teachers, neighbors—and anyone who needs some spoons! You can also use season-appropriate candy and colors and give these all year long. They’re also a no-bake food-craft so they’re perfect for kids of practically any age to make! Use them in coffee or hot cocoa, or eat them like a lollipop! It’s a Valentine’s Day treat that any Spoonie will love!

What you need:
Plastic spoons that are semi-heavy duty (nothing too flimsy because they will melt!)
Parchment or wax paper
Chocolate chips
Cookie sheet
Valentine’s Day candy/red sprinkles/dried fruit/anything you like
Clear cellophane
Curling Ribbon
How to make Chocolate Spoons:
1.Lay the parchment or wax paper out on the cookie sheet.
2.Pour the chocolate chips into microwavable container and melt in microwave for thirty second intervals so it does not burn. Every thirty seconds, open it up, mix it around and then put it back. You don’t want to completely melt the chocolate, but have the consistency of a thick pudding.
3.Dip a spoon into the chocolate. The spoons should easily dip in and out of the chocolate, all the while retaining enough chocolate on the spoon. Tap the spoon on the edge of the container to get off any excess chocolate. Lay the spoon on its back on the cookie sheet.
4.To decorate the spoons: with the chocolate still warm on the spoons place candy, sprinkles, colored sugar, nuts, etc. on top of the spoons. Because the chocolate is still warm at this point, the candy will stick to it.
5.When all the spoons are decorated stick the cookie sheet in the fridge for an hour. This will harden the spoons up so you can wrap them.
6.To wrap the spoons: I used three spoons in a set and crossed them over each other. I then used a square of clear cellophane and messily wrapped it around the spoons so you could still see the spoon-tops. I tied curling ribbon a little below the top of the spoon where the chocolate is and curled it up all nice and pretty.
7.Give them to people you love!
Tips and suggestions:
1.One thing I realized when I was all finished with them was that I should have sprinkled the whole cookie sheet with colored sugar first, before laying down the spoons. This way the back of the spoons will also be decorated!
2.Use bakers chocolate with artificial sweetener to make them sugar free and add dried berries and nuts to make them a “healthier” Valentine!
Article written by Olivia March, © 2008