Crafts: How to make the Easter Egg Stockings!


Stockings don’t only have to be for Christmas time, we can stuff stockings full of candy all year round with these adorable Easter stockings! They’re a great alternative to Easter baskets, and a wonderful craft to make with the children in your life. Just be careful with the hot glue gun and scissors!

How to make the Easter Egg Stockings:
What you need for an Easter Egg Stocking:
2 pieces of the same color felt
1 or more pieces of felt in other colors for decorating
1 pipe cleaner
Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

1. Cut two egg shaped ovals out of 2 sheets of the same colored felt.
2. Cut the top off of one of the eggs, about 3/8ths of the way down; you are creating a pocket out of the bottom half and want to have enough room to hold lots of candy! (Do not glue the two sides together yet!)
3. Decorate the front-pocket-part using felt strips and shapes by attaching the pieces with hot glue (you decorate the pieces separately and then glue together in case of an art-accident!).
4. Cut the initials of the Egg Stocking receiver out and glue them on to the pocket or base, which ever you choose.
5. Pipe hot glue along the edge of the base egg and attach the pocket.
6. When dry, cut 2 little holes/slits at the top of the base egg. Insert the ends a pipe cleaner in each hole and twist the ends together in the back.
6. Trim edges, and enjoy stuffing your Easter Egg Stocking with lots of chocolate!
Craft created and written by Genevieve Dreizen, © 2008

  • This is a fun idea. They’re a cool alternative to traditional Easter baskets and I can see one advantage right off — the Easter grass isn’t getting all over everything needing to be picked up. A good project for spoonie parents and grandparents.

  • Nice! Simple. I think I’ll use something similar for party goodie bags.