5 Easy Valentine Gifts To Make For Around $5


It’s easy to say “I Love You” with these low-effort and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts!

1) Say “I Love You” with a bracelet strung with red, pink and white glass beads on 5 mm stretchy elastic. Tie a double overhand knot to secure, dotting second knot with a dab of super glue right before you secure it.
2) Say “I Love You” with homemade Valentine cupcakes! Bake cupcakes according to package directions in pretty valentine decorated paper cups. Frost then top each cupcake with a heart-shaped candy piece or valentine colored sprinkles.
3) Say “I Love You” with a pretty card! Take leftover glass beads from item 1 and glue them in a heart shape onto card stock paper. Draw a second heart with a line of glue inside the beaded one and sprinkle it with red or white glitter. Write your message in bright red pen on the inside.
4) Say “I Love You” every day of the year with a rear view mirror charm! Tie a knot 4-5 times over the previous knot, 13″ from the end of a piece of 5 mm elastic. String one heart-shaped large bead followed by 4″ of smaller pretty glass beads. Loop free end of elastic, creating a 4″ hanging loop. Secure with knot where beads end. Tie two more knots to re-secure, adding a drop of super glue between knots. Clip free end close to knot. Every time the sun shines into their car the sparkle of the dangling beads will make them think of you!
5) Say “I Love You” with a pretty silk flower arrangement. Pick up silk flower stems on sale at your local craft store. Purchase one roll of green floral tape and a small block of green craft floral foam. Cut the foam to fit a cute coffee mug or clay pot, pretty bowl, etc. – you can find something almost free at your local second hand store. Cut four pieces of floral tape each 1″ wider than the distance across the top of your container. Tape two pieces in each direction across the container to secure the foam. Cut your floral stems in slightly varying lengths. Choose one flower as your focal point and put it in the center front. Put three stems each of the remaining flowers spaced scattered around your arrangement. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake, play with it! If you wish, you can add a ribbon bow or small stuffed animal to the front of your arrangement. Just secure it to a pencil or similar object covered with your floral tape to make a “pick.”
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Written by: Sheila Talley © 2008, butyoudontlooksick.com

  • Drew

    Just letting everyone know, I found this out when I got my handicap placard for my car. Its illegal to have anything hanging from your rear view mirror while driving, because its distracting, and I would imagine something sparkley would be worse. I don’t think you can get pulled over for it, but you can get sited and fined for it if you get pulled over for another reason. Just a warning.

  • Barbara

    I think these are great! I love handmade gifts. I am going to try the bracelet and the rearview mirror charm. I only wish my cooking was better –we would have cupcakes!

  • these are the best ways to express your love…as in today’s world there are very few people who would actually take an initiate to do something for their loved ones…n i am gonna try this out…:)