Let’s Make Some Pretty Notecards!


Can you imagine how special you would feel if you received a handmade card from one of your friends? It’s easy to make special greetings possible with an hour of your time, a few found objects, a little imagination, and some purchased plain notecards!

Your first step will be to purchase some blank notecards and matching envelopes. The best place to find them, along with the things to decorate them with, is in the scrapbooking section of your favorite hobby/craft store such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc. You can also find wonderful little miniature pieces you can glue onto scrapbook pages. These work equally well on note cards!
If you find some pretty stickers, feathers, or other “found objects,” those work well too. So do tiny glass beads or sequins. You can also buy decorated scrapbook papers and cut pretty shapes out of them and glue those on. How about a photo of you and the person you are sending the card to, scanned in and printed onto the card or use a real photo attached to the card with photo mount squares (also found in the scrapbook section). Get some pretty metallic or colored calligraphy pens and write your favorite quote on the inside or outside of the card. The sky and your imagination are the limit!
Who knows – other people may like your cards and want you to make some for them, too! Have fun with it!
Written by: Sheila Talley © 2005