Craft Project: Hug-Me T-Shirt Pillow


Everybody needs a hug once in a while. Sometimes though, due to Fibromyalgia and other muscle and skin aches it hurts to hug! With this awesome craft we can make memorable pillows that hug us back. They’re great to sleep with, keep on the couch, or give as presents! Use a college t-shirt for your child or friend, use an old Walk for a Cause shirt to honor your cause, or use your softest, favorite shirt to make a delectably sweet pillow for those rainy days.

Craft Type: Simple sew reconstruction
Time to accomplish craft: ½ hour to 45 minutes.

Things you will need:
An old t-shirt (I used my shirt from when I did the Parkinson’s walk—this is a great way to memorialize walk-a-thons you did!)
Sewing machine OR needle and thread
Bag of stuffing
1.Start by taking an old clean t-shirt (Picture 1)
2.Turn the shirt inside out and either by hand or with the sewing machine sew up the arm holes. Continue sewing the neck by going under the ribbing of the shirt all the way around the neck. (Picture 2) Sew the bottom of the shirt 2/3’s of the way and leave the last 1/3 for turning right-side out and stuffing.
3.When done sewing, lie flat and cut the ribbing out above where you sewed. This is to ensure the pillow turns right-side out smoothly (Picture 3).
4.Turn the shirt right-side out (Picture 4).
5.Start stuffing the shirt by pushing the stuffing up into the arms and top of chest and working your way down. Notice the opening in the bottom of the shirt perfect for sticking a hand in to stuff. (Picture 5).
6.Stuff until you feel it is comfortable and stuffed just enough. Sew up the open part of the shirt by turning the two sides in to each other to form a nice seam and either sewing it on the machine or by hand. You’re done! Give it a hug! (Picture 6)
Article written by Olivia March Dreizen, © 2008

  • this is a great idea for our youth outreach ministry can make for young people with illness and can’t get out or around.

  • Fran

    I can do one of these for my youngest – she’s always trying to run off with my dressing gowns cos they smell “mummified” !!

  • Kari-Lyn

    This is an awesome idea…but I think I will use one of my brothers shirts and do it for my mom as a memorial. He died 7 years ago and I think it will be nice for her to be able to ‘hug’ him!

  • chris lakin

    I love this site, having Scleroderma often falls in this category. It is so hard to explain.. thanks for being here. Chris

  • Ann

    This is a cute idea. Our local thrift stores have some cute t-shirts that don’t happen to be my size… but they would be perfect for huggy pillows.

  • caren

    This is awesome/I can’t wait to make one.

  • Nyla Thompson