Cooking as a Hobby


Hi everyone. You probably know me from the boards as Stef in TN. I often help out on this site by sending in recipes and kitchen gadget reviews. I would like to recommend to you my all-time favorite hobby….COOKING.

Before I got sick I did it out of necessity, but now that I am home all day due to my ilnesses, it has become my hobby of choice.
I highly recommend giving cooking as a hobby a try. It helps me relax and helps me keep my mind active. I love to try new items and cook things that I never would have even attempted before in addition, my husband is definitely enjoying it. You also get to try out all the new gadgets available and most of them make my life with arthritis a lot easier.
I scour the internet and have a ton of cookbooks where I pick out interesting and fun recipes and try them out. It is always fun and usually I end up changing the recipe to suit my dietary needs or just change it enough to make it uniquely mine.
My favorite cookbook is one for crockpot cooking. I enjoy being able to throw ingredients together and at the end of the day I have this spectacular meal. Even when I know how it will turn out, I still get excited to see the
finished product.
The reason I recommend cooking as a hobby is because it doesn’t require “special” tools and it doesn’t cause a lot of problems for me physically. I hope you find cooking as wonderful a hobby as I do. It is loads of fun and
your family will eat healthier because of it.
Check out this cookbook for a starter and build from there. Happy Cooking and Happy Eating.

Submitted by: Stefanie Mullins,, © 2006

  • True… Nothing is comparable with cooking as a hobby… I always enjoy experiencing new recipes.. its actual fun 🙂

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