“Sick” Crafts: Make Your Medic Alert A Work Of Art!


Yes, we are stuck with wearing “that thing” – it is important and a lifesaver, but who says it has to be… ugly?
Unless you are lucky enough to have a real gold or silver medical necklace or bracelet, yours probably looks like mine… plain.
I make jewelry and crochet, so I decided one day to play with my medical alert bracelet a bit. Now when I get tired of it, I just take it apart and change it again!

Here are instructions for one idea to try, turning your emblem into a stretchy beaded bracelet. Think of other things to try like adding pieces of pretty chain, strands of pearls or other gemstones, or fancy cord braided into a bracelet. The only limit is your imagination!
You can find the bracelet elastic at virtually any craft store or large discount store. You will probably find a local bead store or you can try looking at on line auction sites or other on line sources. You can find anything you dream of – beads in real sterling, gold plated, copper, Czech glass, crystals, and endless varieties of gemstones. Half the fun of this is the hunt for “the” right beads!
You Will Need:
– 1 medic alert bracelet
– 1 spool of .5 mm clear stretchy bracelet bead stringing cord
– Enough beads to make the length of bracelet you need (be sure to include the emblem itself in the measurement!)
– Craft or jewelry glue
Step 1
Remove the chain portion of medic alert jewelry with pliers. Do not remove the round metal loops at either end of the emblem that attach it to the chain. You will need them. You should be left with an emblem with a metal round loop at each end.
Step 2
Do not cut the bracelet cord, leave it on the spool. String on beads in desired order.
Step 3
Put end of cord through the metal loop at one end of alert emblem. Bring beads close to loop and tie a knot securely, leaving about 1″ of bracelet cord as a “tail.” Re-tie the knot 4-5 times. Working in reverse, run the tail back through the adjacent beads to hide it. Put a drop of jewelry glue inside the last 2 beads the tail goes through to secure the tail.
Step 4
Now cut the other end of the bead cord, leaving about 5-6 inches to work with comfortably. Repeat the attachment process (Step 3) on the other side of the alert emblem.
Allow glue to dry per glue instructions. Your bracelet is now ready to show off!
NOTE: If a stronger bracelet is desired, you can change Step 2 to read as follows:
Alternate Step 2
CUT a length of bracelet strand 20 inches long. String beads on in desired order. Cut another length of bracelet strand 20 inches long. String through beads on strand. (You will now have two strands of bracelet cord through all beads). Tie the two strands tightly together with a couple of knots at each end, making sure there is no slack in strand. Now continue with Steps 3 and 4.
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“Craft Corner” by: Sheila Talley, Butyoudontlooksick.com, © 2007