Product Review: Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator & Jerky Maker


It is Healthy Snack and Food Month at!
As a person with an AI Disease I have to be careful with my diet. Before I got really sick I never thought about what I ate, but now I look for healthier options, not only for me but for my husband. I want to keep him healthy, so he doesn’t have to go through this kind of pain.

One of the things that doctors tell you, is to eat more fruits and veggies and sometimes that is hard to do, especially since fruits go bad so quickly and they cam be expensive. One day my husband got the idea that he wanted to try and make some homemade beef jerky, so we purchased a dehydrator. Let me just say that not only does it provide a way to keep my fruits longer, but it is so much FUN and so easy to use.
I dry strawberries and peaches for snacking or my cereal, or to add to granola mix or yogurt. It makes an easy, fun way to get more fruits into my daily intake. You can also take applesauce and make homemade fruit roll ups, that my niece absolutely loves. My husband loves to dry bananas to snack on and let me just say that is an enormous feat, since until this point he wouldn’t touch a banana with a ten foot pole.
It does make great homemade beef jerky and that way you know what is going into it. You just slice the beef ( we use a roast ) to the consistency you like and add whatever spices you enjoy and in a few hours you have beef jerky.
You can also use it to dry herbs, so you have an alternative to bottled ones or flowers for scrap-booking, etc.
It is easy on us “spoonies,” gives us a healthy snack alternative and if it gives a spouse or a child a chance to experience a new way to eat an old favorite, all the better.
I purchased mine at Walmart or they can be purchased here:

Review Submitted by: Stefanie Mullins,, © 2008