Product Review: Even Hermits Can Have Fun- Nintendo Wii Game System


Yes, even hermits can have fun without actually leaving their caves. With this new fantastic product you can enjoy many games traditionally played outside of the home with your friends. I know what you are thinking:-what sort of magical product is this? I will tell you, but only if you promise not to snicker and make remarks about being ‘too old’ for such nonsense.

It is not so much a product, but a system, a system in a box. It is called the Wii and perhaps you have heard of it. The Wii is a video game system, but not just any video game system, but a system that allows for interaction on your part, with a motion detector and a remote control that substitutes for any contraption, device or tool needed for the ‘real’ life activity. No complex pressing of button sequences in the right order, while slouching on the couch. You want to play ball so you have to swing. You want to get out some frustrations while boxing, then you better punch. The Wii system comes with a game called Wii Sports. You can play baseball, tennis, bowling, golf and boxing. I love the bowling and boxing myself, but maybe you are a golf sort of person. It also has a fitness feature, which I have yet to try, because I am not fit and all the regular sports on there are quite enough to prove that point. So three good reasons to use this system:
1) It is interactive. Since you are actually swinging and punching, you get into the game more and it is so enjoyable to play with others. Quite a good substitute if like me, you cannot actually go out to go bowling and if you did you would be crippled for a week from the activity. I get great satisfaction from the boxing and at the same time amuse anyone who is watching me.
2) It is exercise. In fact, I recommend stretching a little before you play, because you will be using muscles you usually do not use. It may not be the exercise we usually contemplate: the sort we procrastinate on because it is so very painful and reminiscent of ancient torture techniques, however, it is movement, with force. As such it qualifies as exercise, when it is more than you usually do, gets your heart rate up and makes your breathing faster. In fact, after playing about a half hour a couple days ago, I still feel sore, and to me that means I was exercising. Of course, I get the same sort of pain from just walking too far, so perhaps I do not share your definition of exercise. I cannot do any of the things that would improve me physically without suffering too much pain to be able to function, so I need something to bridge the gap and lure me into physical activity. I need something enjoyable enough to do, as to ignore the discomfort, but not too strenuous.

3) It is Fun. So much fun. I must point out the fun factor is never to be underestimated, since fun and physical activity do not go well together in my way of thinking. If it is fun, you will continue to do it, despite the soreness from doing it before and you might even make a routine of doing it. If you make a routine of playing it and it benefits you in any way, then it is worth it. And I can, without a doubt, say it is entertaining, which is saying a lot since I am more of a reader than a gamer. Again, I would recommend the boxing.
Now, I have made my case and you can go from there. But keep in mind I will not put up with any excuses of ‘age’ as being a factor for not trying this out. Any man knows you’re never too old for toys, games and video games. It is perhaps the one lesson we can learn from a man. I also know of more than one person, significantly older than me (a decade or two), of the female persuasion as well, that quite enjoys this Wii and the Wii Sports. And if she can, so can we. While I think it is great to get outdoors and do this and that, I also know that some of us don’t get outdoors to do this or that. So for all you hermits, you too can enjoy ‘outdoor’ games in the comfort of your own home.
Essay written by Nikki Albert © 2008

  • Nikki Albert

    You know… I still do yoga to this day on the Wii. My primary source of exercise. lol. Love this.

  • maclifer

    I’m surfing this blog right now on my Wii web browser…fun!

  • i love the wii!! i totally agree with this article. i’m using it as my means of getting some physical activity in during the day, and it really helps. i feel better even if i just move a little bit and i can take breaks when i want.
    i don’t have the wii fit, but i do have the DDR and that’s great fun. i’m a terrible dancer and i’m able to do some of the simpler routines. it gets me on my feet, which is what i hate doing most of all because it hurts. but hurting is something i’ll deal with if it’s fun to do.
    we got mario kart last night (after hitting several stores looking for it!) and we had a ton of fun with that. and i had a great time bowling with my husband and another couple (one of whom is another spoonie) on new years eve. so fun!

  • Mary Ann

    We got a Wii and the Wii balance board a few days ago. I’m having an active lupus flare right now, but I’ve been able to enjoy my new Wii. It gives me as much of a workout as I feel like putting in, and any activity I can do makes me feel better. The Wii Fit balance board offers some fun, effective, low-joint impact exercises like the hula hoop game and all of the balance games. The yoga portion is very good, too. I’ve read reviews by “fit” people who find the Wii Fit too simple, but as someone who struggles to get out of bed some mornings, I’ve got to say that it’s the perfect exercise for me. I look forward to using it a little more every day.

  • Hannah Rose

    I adore my Wii. My mum got it for me for the specific purpose of GETTING ME MOVING. The boxing is a blast (to this day I can’t help whispering before I enter the ring “There are no rules in Fight Club!” and the bowling, and really all of them, though I’m insanely bad at the golf, I’ll admit.
    We also got the MarioKart Wii, which I really enjoy, it’s even more fun if you buy the wheels, but no necessary.
    Seriously: Wii is a WORKOUT! After playing tennis for an hour the first day I got it…woohoo boy, I was sore alright!

  • Hey Karen. I also saw a add for the fitness ‘game’, it is so going to be my next purchase.

  • Karen in NH

    Wow! I have this “magical” thing and I was lucky enough to get the Wii “fitness” program. Now I can work out in my living room and at my schedule. I SWEAR that it makes even walking FUN! CHECK IT OUT!!!

  • Great article – one my fellow staff members wrote about Disabled Gamers a month back and I have to say, I never really thought about the impact gaming has had on my life as a disabled person.