I am hosting Grand Rounds this week!


Nicholas from Grand Rounds just wrote me a friendly reminder email about my hosting this week and I was happy to receive the reminder, but overwhelmed to have received the email from my laptop under my sheets. I am bogged down with a horrible, never ending cold…and for those of you who know A cold + Lupus =NO SPOONS! 🙂 I have been exhausted, sneezey, dopey and a bunch of other namesless dwarfs… But in pajamas, with tissues and armed with cough medicine…the Grand Rounds must go on!

Grand Rounds is the the weekly rotating carnival of the best of the medical blogosphere. Each week, a doctor, nurse, patient or healthcare professional hosts Grand Rounds and compiles links to noteworthy posts about medicine. I am so excited to finally be hosting this week after reading for months and finding so many wonderful writers and bloggers on the web.
So with this frigid weather in NY and my yucky cold in mind.. I figure I can not be the only one who has been under the weather. Doctor’s get sick too! Patients get sick and have to deal with their primary illness and then the added burdens of a cold. So with my coughing and sneezing in mind…why not tackle what everyone must face from time to time- the cold. This week’s theme will be the “common” cold. If you are a doctor or nurse… is your waiting room more full this time of year? What about home remedies of tea with honey?Do you have tips to ward off germs this cold and flu season. If you are a patient how to you decipher new symptoms of aches and pains from new? If you write poetry- why not write an ode to chicken soup!
Please send submissions to christine at butyoudontlooksick dot com. Please put the words “grand rounds” in the subject line. Place a link in the message with a summary. Please try to relate your post to this week’s “cold/ flu” theme in some way. The deadline for submissions is sunday January 20th midnight EST. Because I have been sick and very tired, I can’t promise to include late submissions. If you are a “newbie” to Grand Rounds, like I was..don’t be shy! PLEASE join in and submit something.
I hope to have Grand Rounds up by the Tuesday January 22nd.
I am so excited for this opportunity and look forward to your submissions!!!